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Las Vegas News for Tuesday, February 28th

1. Pawn Stars’ own Corey Harrison reportedly had his home burglarized this month. Police confirmed that officers responded to a burglary call at a northwest valley home on February 16th when a resident of the house spotted three men in their late teens to early 20s were inside the house. Harrison’s publicist confirmed that the home in the report belonged to the reality TV star. 2. A discipline panel has ruled that a Las Vegas judge violated ethics codes after using the power of her office to do a favor for a friend. Justice of the Peace Melanie Andress-Tobiasson was fined $1000 and publicly reprimanded by the Nevada Commission of Judicial Discipline after intervening in a Canadian divorce case on behalf of Las Vegas attorney Jennifer Bolton. 3. State Senator Yvanna Cancela introduced a bill yesterday that would make Nevada a sanctuary state. Senate Bill 223 would prohibit police agencies from using money, facilities, property, equipment of personnel for immigration enforcement.

Source: Las Vegas Review Journal

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