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Las Vegas News for Wednesday, March 29th

1. Smith’s will be opening two supermarkets in the Las Vegas Valley. A 123,000 square-foot store in the Skye Canyon community in northwest Las Vegas plans to break ground in July, and a 140,000 square-foot store in the Cadence community in Henderson will open after the Skye Canyon location. 2. Forty people were arrested and at least 3 people killed themselves after investigators exposed a construction company owner’s election-rigging scheme. Leon Benzer is serving a 15-year prison sentence for defrauding homeowner’s associations of millions. The HOA now claims a law firm helped facilitate the scheme. 3. A man arrested in connection with a robbery at the Bellagio last weekend said people in Mexico threatened his family if he didn’t follow their instructions. Sebastian Gonzalez said he drove across the border into Arizona and then to Vegas where he received a fake ID and met with the other men. Gonzalez said the men were given fake guns and masks.

Source: Las Vegas Review Journal

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